The WayfinderTM Program provides you and your leadership team with a waypoint every 90 days to refocus your plans and ensure continued progress towards goals and objectives. Success is achieved by providing external accountability to your leaders and managers. “We keep score so you don’t have to”


Delivered on an annual basis, you get:


  • One 2-day Strategic planning workshop that sets the goals and milestones for the year

  • Three Quarterly full day meetings to record progress, maintain accountability and update the strategic plan as conditions change

  • A Detailed session report (sample) after each meeting that outlines the individual commitments to be completed in the subsequent 3-months


Ensure that the Vision and Goals you set are realized each year!

Sometimes you need more than just a map!

Annual Time Commitment: 5 days per year

Annual Investment: $9,750 + GST 

Jeffrey D. Cullen

(780) 469-3535    jcullen@basecamp4.ca