BUSINESS BLISS – Would YOU strive for this prize?

Read Time 2 ½ Minutes Executive Brief #1: By Stephen Steckly

Are you, like most business owners, seeking some form of ‘business bliss’? Owners typically describe business bliss by using words like success, security, freedom, fulfillment, wealth, influence, and power - all terms that align business bliss with their individual value systems. But when we drill down to the specific components of business bliss, we discover just how tangible those components really are.

They virtually always include things such as:

  • Significant growth in profits and revenue with no cash flow problems – ever

  • Minimal staff problems and turnover - employees are engaged, productive, and accountable

  • Effective processes – fully systemized, efficient, and documented

  • Operations that run smoothly whether the owners are there or not, allowing them to take as many vacations as they wish

  • Communication and execution systems that actually produce stellar results

  • Excellent business reputations created by customers who love them

  • A feeling of being comfortably in control

Business owners tell me there are also personal components to business bliss. They want to have enough time to take good care of themselves - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They crave good health and stimulating relationships. They desire the respect of their family, friends, and community.

All this is not just some unattainable utopian dream.

Here is the first secret to achieving business bliss. Your business and your life will change when YOU change – when you change by learning more, growing more, and being more. The following exercise will help you get started.

Take a sheet of paper and create two columns by drawing a line down the center of the sheet. In the left hand column, list the ‘bliss’ realities you want to create in your business. Leave at least ten lines of space between each item. In the right hand column, beside each item, list the most important things that you need to learn, the obstacles you must overcome, the new beliefs you need to adopt, and the new skills you will master so that you can achieve that item. (Note: the operative word in each of these categories is ‘YOU’.)

Next, prioritize your list and then get to work on the first item. Your efforts will produce the best results if you work on one item at a time.

Here’s one more tip. Don’t just think to yourself that this exercise might be a good idea – actually do the exercise. In doing so, you will tap into your power to create clarity, turn clarity into intention, and turn intention into action. You know that it is only action that produces results – it is action that will win you your business bliss.

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Download a printable PDF of this executive summary here.

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