A Basecamp4 Performance CheckTM will tell you how your business is performing compared to your industry and show you where you need to invest your time and efforts to improve.


Once you’ve completed a 90-minute online questionnaire and submitted some key financial data (under strict confidence) we will analyze your business practices and provide you with a 5-page report (sample) that outlines:


  • Key areas of strength and weakness in Marketing & Sales, Financial Management, Operations, Human Resources and Leadership

  • Key financial measures and indicators to rank you against comparable businesses in your industry

  • Recommendations for the top 2 actions you should complete to improve performance and profitability


The written report is followed up with a 1-hour debrief via phone or skype to provide clarifications and answer questions.

Do you want to know the score?

Invest $1,195 + GST to learn the 2 best actions you should take to improve your business

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