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Secure the short-term capacity and expertise you want!

MGMT-911: The fast, cost effective way to solve problems, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities when you don't have time or resources in-house. 

Get the full benefit of an experienced executive, business expert, and project manager without incurring the cost and risk of hiring a full-time person.

Instead use the services of a professional on a part-time limited-term basis.

Reporting directly to you, I take on a specific financial, operational, marketing, or HR role, or focus on a particular problem, opportunity, or project while providing guidance and support to you and your team.

Jeffrey D. Cullen, MBA, CEPA, PMP, P.Eng

When you work with me you:

Gain capacity at lower cost and risk

Solve money, people, and work flow problems

Save time with help that can jump right in

Achieve progress on stalled projects and initiatives

Enjoy  peace of mind by having a seasoned professional on your side

And you have clarity about: 

The purpose - The role, problem, opportunity or project is well defined

The commitment - The time I commit to your business each week is well defined

The budget - You pay a monthly rate based on the time committed

The result - We jointly establish performance targets and I report progress regularly

The duration -  A fixed term contract that you can cancel or extend as needed

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I've spent my entire career managing, leading, and consulting in private sector businesses in various industries while tackling issues in financial management, operations, marketing, HR, and administration.

With MGMT-911 I apply this deep knowledge and experience in your business at maximum effectiveness by taking a hands-on role in helping you.


Want help?

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