Knowledge and Experience as you need it!


If your company needs key capabilities in the areas of finance, marketing or human resources in order to ascend to the next level; consider retaining an experienced MBA on a part-time and interim basis to fill the gap until a fulltime position is required.


If you commit to a minimum of one fiscal quarter, we will devote one full day per week to your business as your interim head of Finance, Marketing or Human Resources with a focus on developing and implementing the systems, processes and practices you need to move the business forward.


Once the position is developed and documented we will assist you in recruiting and training a permanent resource to join your team in that role.


Due to the significant commitment of time and resources required to deliver this option, it is currently limited to a single client at any one time at a fee of $25,000 + GST per quarter.


Leverage the power of an experienced MBA to move your business to the next level!

1 full day per week devoted to your business

Investment: $25,000 + GST per Quater 

Jeffrey D. Cullen

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