Go beyond education and training to ensure that the knowledge and experience you gain is used in your business on an ongoing way to make changes and get results.  

ExpeditionTM is our signature Leadership and Management development program for successful businesses that are now stuck, stalled or bogged down in day-to-day firefighting!


Designed as an ongoing membership, ExpeditionTM focuses on business owners and their senior leadership and management teams as they grapple with the increasing complications, headaches and pressures associated with successful growth.


The program delivers value through the combination of in-house coaching/consulting, education in business fundamentals and participation in monthly Owner Summits all integrated to increase and enhance the leadership and management capabilities that will move the business to it’s full potential for growth and profitability.


For a flat monthly rate you get:


  • 90-minutes per week with your Expedition Leader to improve your leadership and management team with our ComExTM management system

  • 90 minutes of monthly business education to learn critical business fundamentals

  • Membership in a monthly Owner’s Group to access experience and insights with peers

  • Up to 8 additional hours of consulting per quarter to work on special projects when needed

  • Full access to all Basecamp4 materials, tools and publications to stay current

  • Unlimited access via phone & email to your Expedition Leader to address emerging issues


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Open ended Membership 

Monthly Fee: $3,000 + GST 

Jeffrey D. Cullen

(780) 469-3535    jcullen@basecamp4.ca