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The Expedition Program

With the Expedition Program, we work with you from start-to-finish to deliver a comprehensive and owner focused process of discovery, planning, value creation, decision, and final stage deal engineering and management to deliver a successful sale or transition at exit.

The Expedition Program is delivered in 3 stages

BC4 Expedition Process.png

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ExitReadiness Check TM   (Basecamp1) 

The first stage in the program is about discovery. We evaluate the current state of your business and your financial and personal affairs with a high-level business valuation and discovery process. The goal is to assess:

  • Gaps in personal wealth,

  • State of personal affairs and your legacy such as estate planning, wealth management, tax planning, and future lifestyle plans tied to a successful and satisfying 'post ownership' life,

  • Potential value of the business to a buyer, and

  • Attractiveness and readiness of the business for sale or transition.

Working in collaboration with your personal professional advisors (lawyer, accountant, insurance broker, etc.), your Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) leads the Readiness Check TM  to provide you with a map of prioritized actions to close the gap between where you are and where you need to be for a successful exit.

Download the Readiness Check TM  Brochure

 Exit Value Creator (Basecamp2)

The goal of the program's second stage is move to action and start preparing the business for exit and creating value.  

Your Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), working as a Value Advisor, will work with you on the business to increase both short and long-term value, reduce business risks, and improve the readiness and attractiveness of the business for exit. Your CEPA will continue to work with external advisors in the personal and financial planning stream to prepare your personal affairs (estate, tax, insurance, financial and life goals).

The process is effectively managed by completing prioritized actions in 90-day sprints to maintain momentum and ensure that progress, priorities, and the business value are reassessed on a regular basis. The goal is to ensure that real tangible value is being created.

Key benefits from this approach include:

  • All advisors are on the same page, aligning and coordinating your personal and business strategies,

  • Short-term financial performance is improved and the long-term value at exit is increased over time,

  • Progress, wins, and increased value are measured and reported regularly to maintain momentum and validate the process, and 

  • Basecamp4 coordinates and manages the process, allowing you to be more organized, less stressed, and free up your time.

At the end of each 90-day sprint you make a decision:

1. Restart another 90-day cycle of value growth


2.  Initiate the formal sale or transition process

Download a free Whitepaper from EPI on creating tangible value in your business

Deal Manager (Basecamp3)

At this stage, you have decided to initiate the formal sale or transition process. Your CEPA, acting as Value Advisor, continues to coordinate your exit and support you through the last steps of your business exit.


Typical exit and transition steps include:

  • Identify and assess suitability and benefit of exit options like third party sale, transition to family, management buyout, sale to employees, etc., with a view towards your financial needs and personal wants,

  • Facilitate discussions and negotiations between key parties using an interest based approach, and 

  • Coordinate with external advisors, financial institutions, and potential buyers to navigate the process of selling or transitioning from inception, through due diligence, to deal closure. 

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